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Extend your Hygiene

We understood the inconvenience when you can't find the products you need within the time. That's why our team is working around the clock to give safe hygiene products when you need them the most.


Wipes Series

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  • Premium Soft

  • Premium Hard

  • Customized Logo Printed

Lingettes Series

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  • Soft

  • Hard

  • Customized Logo Printed

Clouds Series

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  • Premium Soft

  • Premium Hard

  • Customized Logo Printed


Our Clients

Lasting Partnerships

Imagine your customer is your best friend,  listen to their concerns, be a shoulder to lean on and then shift the focus from what went wrong to how you can help make it right. Take a look at our featured clients below.

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Garam Matka

A tea story

Garam Matka, started in 2017 in Kerala, is the sole destination for 151+ tea and coffee flavours including international, royal teas and green coffee varieties for all demographic segments

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Hotel Rahmath

Family Restaurant

Simple Keralan joint started in 1961, popular for dishes including biryani & milk sarbath


Adaminde Chayakada

Family Restaurant

When food is your first love and feeding people is your passion, magic happens. My childhood is full of memories of food. I inherited my love for food from my grandfather who had been my food companion all along. He believed that what makes a food journey so enjoyable is the fact that there is no end to it

Let’s Talk

KP 15/491, MLA Road,Ozhayadi,Kunnamangalam,Calicut, Kerala-673571

Ph: +91 8921641984

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